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This year the Mysteries will be commemorating Kevin Harper who died recently. Kevin was a stalwart of the Mysteries committee, a real 'can-do' man. He specialised in playing God but also appeared as Napoleon Bonaparte (below), Abel, pub landlords, Viking warriors, workers, soldiers and other hangers-on. He is much missed

The Penkhull Mysteries have been running from 2005-2019, though the idea goes back to the middle ages. We all get together each year to produce a community play on the green by the church and pubs, with a lot of other activities as well: stalls, games, morris and maypole dancers, tug of war etc.

 The Mysteries are very much for local people by local people.  It takes a whole community to make the day happen: last year around two hundred people were actively involved in working on all aspects of the day. If you’d like to be part of this continuing tradition there are lots of opportunities – taking as much or as little time as you are in a position to give.


           Mysteries for 2019


The Penkhull Mysteries Event will be taking place on the Village Green on the 13th of July 2019.

 Title as yet unknown

             (It's a Mystery)

If you are interested in taking part in the production the auditions will be held  in the Village Hall. Date/time yet to be announced. 

Proposed Rehearsal dates for 2019:

Sat June 15th (2-5pm) - main hall for rehearsal

Sat June 22nd (2-5pm) - main hall for rehearsal

Sat June 29th (2-5pm) - main hall for rehearsal

Sat July 6th  (2-5pm) - main hall for rehearsal

Sun July 7th (2-5pm) - main hall for rehearsal

Fri July 12th (6-9pm) - main hall for rehearsal

Sat  July 13th - The main event


If you'd like to help in any way with the Mysteries - and there are so many ways to help, come along to the audition day or - contact project director Greg Stephens on 871691 or


For more information about Drama School ring Cathy Shevlov on 07808 473588 or email



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