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What are the Mystery Plays?
Our Mystery Plays are not Agatha Christie style whodunit productions.  They are plays written and performed by the local community. Originally in medieval times the  troupes of actors toured the streets of towns and cities, performing on carts, and the plays were based on the bible, from Creation to Revelation. At the time most bibles were in Latin and the majority of the population could not read anyway. So to help explain the Mysteries of Life and Everything, the clergy would enact scenes with the help of local people. They were rumbustious affairs, performed on street corners, in front of pubs, in market squares. The most famous towns for Mystery Plays were originally  York, Wakefield, Chester and Coventry. For eleven years, since 2005, we have been doing our own Penkhull version, once a year on a day in summer. On our lovely village green, surrounded by trees, decorated for the day with banners, bunting, stalls selling everything under the sun, and entertainers everywhere.

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